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Retro Football Boss

A lifelong ambition

Ever since I first played World Soccer League on the C64, I wanted to make a Football Management game. I finally achieved that when RFB was released on Steam Early Access in September 2016, published by Plug-In Digital. It is the culmination of two year's determination, research and perseverance, allowing the player to start in any season from 1888-1998 with the real players, managers, transfers and competitions from that year.

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Fast iteration, clean code

As well as porting RFB to Unity, I have worked as a contractor for MAG Interactive in Brighton building prototypes, and also dip into a number of other projects to sharpen my skills in all areas of Unity game development.

You can play the games Powerhouse, Overdosed and Going Up! in your browser. These were made entirely by myself in just 48 hours for the Ludum Dare jam, including all code, graphics and sound.

I am particularly interested in areas such as VR and using procedural generation to generate rich and varied content during runtime, where the man-hours are not available to design levels or landscapes by hand. I am currently combining these to create a VR mini-golf game in Unity with a potentially infinite number of hole designs, alongside various other projects ranging from VR racket/bat & ball games to a 2D base-building engine.

Play Overdosed

Play Powerhouse

Play GoingUp!

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Otter Studios

Having returned to programming in 2010, over the next few years I released around 25 games on the mobile app stores which achieved over three million downloads, and then turned part-time in 2014 to focus even more on development. Otter Studios was sold to a Seattle investor in late 2014.

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8-bit development

For Commodore Machines

In late 2019 I learnt 6502 assembler in order to create a few games for the Commodore systems. It had always seemed like witchcraft as a kid, but recent experience with learning Xamarin and Objective-C gave me the confidence to try and to my surprise I got the hang of the completely different paradigm very quickly.

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The Unreleased Tapes

These are the games that were being worked on when Otter Studios was sold and it was decided to move away from mobile games!

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Amiga Forever

Where It All Began...

I recently found all my old Amiga disks and managed to rescue the last copy of the critically acclaimed (by my family) 1996 AMOS game 'Horse Racing 2'.

With no manual or stackoverflow back then, it was just a case of trial and error to get anything up on the screen. 

Unfortunately, it would appear there are no such copies of the smash hit C64 prequel still in existence, although continue the search...

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